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Language violence is a very common phenomenon, but people do not pay much attention to its harm.

The impact of language violence on people is an invisible injury. It can cause great pain, but people think it is just a sentence and it will not bring negative emotions. In tihis project, the nteractive device is talking about the language violence of parents to their children in family language violence which made by me in 2019.


I hope that through this interactive device, the users can stand in the perspective of the perpetrator and feel the inner hurt of children when they are subjected to family language violence. The blood spray and the text appear at the same time in a more concrete way. When the children’s heart are subjected to family language violence, their injured heart is bleeding.

Work process:

This phenomenon exists in any country, especially in China. Due to the large population base or the education degree of parents, the first is that the legal system is imperfect. In fact, people's cognition of family language violence is not particularly strong. In a family, children are in a vulnerable group and their personality is not fully formed. So when they are exposed to family language violence, they don’t understand and don’t have the ability to deal with it.

I personally suffered family language violence when I was a child. But maybe my parents, when they areblaming me, my felt my heart is broken and they felt that what they said did not affect me. But in fact, this has a great impact on the formation of my current personality. so I want to change this phenomenon, So that's the reason why I want to start this project.

︎Arduino controls both the device and screen

The principle of the device is to press the button by gravity, while controlling the blood spray device and the display. That is to say, the value of the amount of blood spray and the number of characters becomes larger as the pressure increases, and once the pressure is stopped during the pressing process, the screen returns to the standby screen.

Because the smell of blood is fishy, so that's the reason why this project called "Scarlet".