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During this project, my original idea was to spread some traditional Chinese culture through this project, because traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy (extraction)(Pots, acupuncture, massage, etc.) originated in China and are an important part of the history of China.

However, when I was doing the research of the project, I found that few people tried TCM physiotherapy, and generally only the older person which around 40+ years old would return try it.

In nowadays, people are rely too much on medicine in order to reduce their pain because medicine can quickly relieve physical pain. So when they are sick, they want to take some medicine, but the medicine does harmful to their body.

Yes, there will be overlap with the body taking medicine during the period and the kidneys need to metabolize drugs. Acupuncture, massage, cupping are mainly aimed at a pain in the body, or sometimes maybe just buy a plaster which made byherbal medicine and stick it on your pain part, it can also relieve pain in a short time like medicine.

So I want to encourage people do not take medicine too much through this prject.

Although some of them can’t stop taking medicine, but they can also try, also combined with TCM physiotherapy and medicine.

Under TCM physiotherapy, because this can relieve body pain, it can also be combined with TCM physiotherapy and medicine, change their behavior from take medicine everyday to period-dependent medicine behavior. It is also good for the body.

So my initial idea was to spread traditional Chinese culture, but later based on my research, I want to change my idea to change the behavior of people who are too dependent on medicine and help people keep healthy.



如今,人们为了减少痛苦而过于依赖药物,因为药物可以快速缓解身体疼痛。 因此,当他们生病时,他们想吃点药,但是这种药对身体有害

是的,在此期间与身体服药会重叠,肾脏需要代谢药物。 针灸,按摩,拔罐主要针对身体上的疼痛,或者有时只是购买用草药制成的膏药并将其粘贴在您的疼痛部位,它还可以像药物一样在短时间内缓解疼痛。




When you feel uncomfortable, cover your body with the blankets and stick the Chinese herbal plasters at designated places according to the tips on the blankets.

“Use TCM App, check your health anytime, anywhere”

Slogan: “Don’t rely too much on medication, let’s try some TCM physiltherapy!”