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“Work & Life Balance”

“There is no absolute balance in our daily life. “

I hope through this project, users can keep the relative balance of the seesaw according to the tips of the seesaw, thus to achieve a balance between work and life through this interaction device.


︎The main point of this design is help to weigh up the balance of work and life.

︎Target customers
The product is aimed at young people.

For young people, there are two extremes: some people are reluctant to work, they always like to play with mobile phones; while some young people work hard and often work overtime.

Therefore, there are often news of sudden death due to working overtime or staying up late to playing with the mobile phone.

︎The look of the seesaw is inspired by the clock.

There are three hands in the middle and the both ends of the board, just like clocks. Also the shape of the seesaw is not traditional, because the clock is often used as a reminder in our life to tell us the time, and the ring of the alarm clock to remind us of what needs to be done at an important time.

The color of the seesaw is gradual, with white on one side and black on the other. White and black are two extremes, and the inspiration comes from day and night. The gray in the middle is between two colors, which represents a relatively balanced dimension.